Our Voter bundle celebrates the power of the polls. In celebration of our relaunch issue, this bundle gets you a Voter tee and Voter badge - and a copy of Motherland magazine’s all-new Voter issue, on us. Perfect for the polling station, at a protest or anywhere in between.

Uneasy in Utopia

While the rest of the country fights for representation, reservation and vote shares, Auroville wants just one thing from the government of India: to be left alone.

There’s No Place Like Home

As per the 2011 census, more than 1.7 million people in India are homeless. But it was only in 2014 that the Election Commission of India started to grant them the right to vote.

Power Lunching

Exploring where Bengaluru’s food and politics meet.

Election 2024

The national Election Commission invites political parties to claim election symbols for the 2024 polls.

The Great Debate

The 2011 election saw Mamata Banerjee end 34 years of communist rule in West Bengal. Ruchir Joshi was on the ground for one particularly explosive evening in her campaign: The Telegraph National Debate.

City of Melancholy

In a political system based on numbers, what do you do when the majority believes you shouldn’t exist?

The Silence of ‘75

Little is known about the enforcers of the Emergency. Not the men and women in the corridors of history, but those in the streets of New Delhi.

Malayalee State of Mind

Has the average Malayalee deliberately chosen a markedly different way of voting from other states?