January 2020
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Photographs By: Sushant Kadam

We spoke to the anonymous un-voters of India on why you won’t find them near a polling booth anytime soon.

It’s easy to dismiss those who don’t vote as apathetic, lazy or irresponsible. butmore often than not, those who choose not to vote have reasons as strong as the people who do. sometimes, even stronger. we spoke to the anonymous un-voters of india on why you won’t spot them near a polling booth anytime soon.

“at first, i just wasn’t interested in politics. when i got interested, when i started reading up, i realised none of these leaders were worth my time.”

“they expect me to leave my work and go vote? who will earn then? who will compensate me?”

“there are no options, what will i get by voting? the opposition is nonexistent. this is not a democracy.”

“to vote, i would have to travel back to my hometown. it’s ridiculous that i can’t send my vote in from where i am. why should i lose three days over one vote?”

“i have never found queer-friendly candidates in my constituency. in fact, more often than not, they’re less than friendly to the lgbt community.”