May 2011
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Guwahati Express

Photographs: Nishant Shukla

A photo essay on departures and arrivals in the region’s gateway.
Sumitra. Age: 70 / Boarding: New Jalpaiguri / Destination: Ratlam / Distance travelled : 1965 kms. Was on her way to visit some relatives who had moved to Ratlam. She lives in Darjeeling.
Ram. Age: 28 / Boarding: Jamnagar / Destination: New Jalpaiguri / Distance travelled: 2658 kms. Ram was on leave from the army and was on his way to visit his home in Darjeeling.
Pao. Age: 15 / Boarding: Guwahati / Destination: Lucknow / Distance travelled: 1451 kms. Pao is from Manipur and he was travelling to compete in an under 16 Kabaddi tournament.
Sonica. Age: 8 / Boarding: Jamnagar / Destination: Guwahati / Distance travelled: 3066 kms.Was moving to Guwahati with her family and starting a new school. Her father had been transferred there with the Indian Air Force.
Arjun. Age: 25 / Boarding: Guwahati / Destination: Jamnagar / Distance travelled: 3067 kms. A champion wrestler, Arjun was awarded a position with the Indian Civil Service which means a “job for life” for him.
Lihajuddin. Age: 14 / Boarding: Guwahati / Destination: Surat / Distance travelled: 2636 kms. Originally from Manipur, he was on his way to study at a Muslim school in Surat.
Kirani. Age: 4 / Boarding: Mughal Sarai / Destination: Patna / Distance travelled: 212 kms. Kirani performed an acrobatic dance on the train to earn money with her 7-year-old sister.