“Let’s do something about it!” There’s no waiting around for someone else to fix things for these guys, they’re taking matters in their own hands — from skiing to raise money for the leprosy-afflicted to rewriting an unbiased history of India and Pakistan; recycling tyres and pushing solar energy to solutions for the hearing impaired and making earthquake relief count. Motherland picks out a bunch of promising superheroes from across the country, determined to light up the world we live in.

New Delhi

Sixteen-year-old Anubhav Wadhwa is already an entrepreneur. Last year in December, he launched Tyrelessly—a company that collects used tyres from people’s doorsteps, using the web platform to introduce them to the recycling chain.
The idea took shape in his mind when he saw how burnt tyres were contributing to pollution on his way home from school one day. “I would come across heaps of discarded tyres on my way to school but after I saw those being burnt, I decided to do something to stop it,” he said.
Then came the hard task of calling for community participation and encouraging people to donate their used tyres for safe disposal. Anubhav created a web platform where people can request that their old tyres be collected.
Tyrelessly sends a truck to people’s doorstep to collect old tyres. Through pyrolysis, a process involving the extraction of valuable byproducts, the tyres get a new lease of life.
The young boy believes that his initiative can open up path-breaking avenues. “Around 450 litres of fuel, 150 litres of petroleum gas, 250 kg of carbon and 75 kg of steel can be obtained by recycling 1,000 kg of tyres.” Wadhwa said.
Wadhwa’s novel initiative holds promise for the residents of Delhi who are battling severe air pollution. “Over the years, the number of registered vehicles has increased rapidly and more tyres are being treated with lack of caution. More than 95% of used tyres in our country are discarded in non-sustainable ways which impose environmental problems on both the current and future generations.” he said. Tyrelessly is the third venture started by him, who aspires to be an environmental engineer. His earlier ventures included a software development company, Tech Apto, and Trends On Internet, a data analysis company.
The new venture for collecting and recycling tyres is funded by Anubhav’s savings from his earlier ventures and other freelance work done in the same field. The boy vowed to recycle discarded tyres after he saw the damage to the environment. “We are focusing on spreading awareness on tyre burning among the people. I believe that students and local communities should come forward and involve themselves to make this a success. We need to realise the dangers of burning old tyres,” he added.
Tyrelessly has been launched in Delhi-NCR region and will be launched in other parts of India in the future. Anubhav believes that technology should be simplified and put to use to save our environment. “I thought of using technology to make it an easy process for people to discard their used tyres safely,” he said.
While Tyrelessly operates for free as of now, the company expects to generate revenue through advertising in the future on their website to keep up the initiative. “But the tyre pickups will always remain free,” he asserts.

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